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It depends what you are planning on doing. I know that Rhino has some powerful scripts that allow you to flatten and label complex 3d shapes so it can be taken to a laser cutter and then assembled by hand. I haven't seen this in formz.

Both Rhino and formZ have the ability to flatten/unfold objects.

Rhino's buildt unfolding features are comparatively primitive, unless you spend $900 on a plug-on called Expander.

A suggestion would be to have a look at TouchCAD, which is built around the combination of 3D modeling and unfolding / fattenting features. It is the only true five-dimensional program, where all 3D panels are dynamically and parametrically linked to the unfolded patterns. These features integrate the production preparation and optimizing the use of material into the design process and generates production ready results very quickly. TouchCAD comes with a very extensive set of unfolding settings, such as split resolution, direction, overlaps/seam allowances, automatic coordinates, panel and point numbering, alignment marks, stretch unfold calculations, image unfolding etc. On the 3D side TouchCAD comes with a full set of modern push-pull tools, which works from any view and direction, dynamic cross sectioning which is absolute must-have for accurate shape control, etc. www.touchcad.com"