Creating paper models

Creating paper models: "Creating paper models EDIT: I am working on an automated script for this purpose. You may want to try it - it could save you a hour of work. Link

Blender comes with a script called Unfold. It can easily turn mesh into a flat net, without deforming any faces. What is it good for?

If you use some more tricks around and are not afraid of mat-knife, you can have all your blends staying in front of you on the table. All you need is a printer, a good glue, two hands and blender (blender is almighty!).

I've made three models yet - the Suzanne (topic here), post appocalyptic tank (topic here) (Alltaken made that model, but he released it under CC here) and a spaceship, the topic is here. It is a simple spaceship without any interesting ideas, because I made it mainly for needs of this tutorial.
You can get the .blend file here."