Carmo: About Carmo

Carmo: About Carmo: "Carmo has serviced the market for more than 60 years, and our product range is sold throughout the world. Our headoffice is situated in Denmark, north of Copenhagen. We have sales offices in England and France.

The core business of Carmo is our own range of products, such as:
  • Weldable eyelets and attachments for use with PVC or PUR foils or coated
  • reinforced materials.
  • Valves for inflating, overpressure and vacuum valves.
  • Threaded nozzles and caps for use with liquids or drystuff.
  • In the medical field Carmo is a market leader on drainage valves, connectors and
  • certain fittings for medical bags."

Carmo A/S - Højvangen 19DK - 3060 Espergærde - Phone: +45 49 12 21 00