Acoustic Foams Willtec Specs

Acoustic Foams Willtec Specs: "New and Improved SONEX
Setting the Industry Standard with willtec® (a Dupont product)
willtec®, the raw material which Class1 SONEX foams are made from, is semi-flexible and easy to cut, mold, trim, laminate and install. SONEX products made with willtec® have the following properties:"

  • Excellent heat insulation properties with no flaming drip (see figure 1 below) Resistance to constant temperatures as high as 302 °F (short-term up to 482 °F possible)
  • Compliance with ASTM E 84 Class 1 requirements (see below)
  • Fiber-Free
  • ISO 9001 certified Light-weight, semi-flexible, with very low density (see figure 2 below)
  • Excellent sound control characteristics in a wide range of frequencies
  • Resistance to organic solvents and a variety of diluted acids and alkali
  • Economic use, easy installation, and effortless maintenance
  • Available in uncoated natural white or coated with special finishes

willtec® can withstand extreme temperatures with no flaming drip

Magnified view of willtec® internal structure of slim, flexible webs